Strawberry Cup, June 1 and 2, Victoria BC Part 2Strawberry Cup, June 1 and 2, Victoria BC Part 2

Another wonderful trip to Victoria BC. Western Speedway always treats us fine (Steak dinner with free beer and live music after practice on Thursday and Steak and Eggs on Saturday morning). Can’t forget Susan at the All Fun RV Park. Always makes room for us in this well managed RV Park next to the track. Kudos to Jeff Cook, Mike Hoelzle and Saundra Lyons for all their hard work creating a smooth race. We had a good line up of cars - 2 out with engine issues, 3 out with wall issues, leaving 17 on track. Thanks to the Medic’s at the speedway for their quick action. Friday we got in one and half Dashes before the rains came and ended out evening. Saturday was perfect and the stands were quite full. Friday: D Dash leader was #77, Bob Nyeste with the race was stopped for an accident. C Dash was won by #16, Dale Nyeste. Saturday Winners: D Dash: #33 Ralph Monhayy C Dash: #21 Jeff Cook B Dash: #88 Ron Brewer A Dash: #98 Kirt Rompain B Heat: #77 Bob Nyeste A Heat: #88 Ron Brewer B Main: #77 Bob Nyeste A Main: #88 Ron Brewer



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