The 2024 forms and documents are uploaded to the website.

These are available in both WORD and PDF formats.

Simply decide which format you want, click on that format below and the document will load on your computer.

PDF format seems to work the best since it doesn't require you to save the form before you print.

PDF reader software is available for free on the Web using most all browsers.


You then need to print, enter the data requested and sign all 5 of these forms.  Please mail them along with your $25 membership dues

(and $25 payment for each car if it is also being registered)

to the address below.

NOTE: Annual dues and car registration fees have been cut in half (from $50 to $25) for the 2024 racing season.

These fees may change for future racing seasons.

Once documents are submitted and fees are paid, a membership card will be mailed to you.


PO Box 545
Otis Orchards, WA  99027


Member Application

Download Membership Application (doc)
Download Membership Application (pdf)

Medical form

Download Medical Form (doc)
Download Medical Form (pdf)

Annual Release

Download Annual Release (doc)
Download Annual Release (pdf)

Driver Code of Conduct

Download Driver Code of Conduct (doc)
Download Driver Code of Conduct (pdf)

WCVR Racer Rules

Download WCVR Racer Rules (doc)
Download WCVR Racer Rules (pdf)


Note: On some systems you may have to right-click and choose "save as" to download the documents above.




West Coast Vintage Racers Corporate Documents


WCVR Corporate documents (ByLaws, Minutes, etc) are available on request to the Secretary of the Board.  Use the "Contact Us" link on the first page for your request. 


President - Marv Price

Vice President - Bill Birdsell

Secretary/Treasurer - Greg Gorton

Board Members - Dan Arriola, John Coogan, Mel Eayrs, Dixon Helgeson, Dean Waltman

Director of Competition - Bill Birdsell








Every effort will be to adhere to the following format. If we are short of cars, the Director of Competition (DOC) retains the right to change class designations to form a field that will put on a good show for our fans. DOC will call a short meeting after practice to discuss with attending drivers and owners to clarify the format for that day.


“VINTAGE Class West Coast Vintage Racers”


  • Any Sprint, Roadster of 8”- of offset or rear engine chassis will be designated as “Vintage”  
  • Vintage Dash (4-5 cars) Trophy Heat (8+ cars) or Vintage Heat 8 cars        
  • Vintage Main Event 20-25 laps
  • Starting positions will be determined by qualifying times, field inverted.
  • In the event of no qualifying times available, DOC will set the field off of his observations during practice.


Vintage class cars may declare to run in the “OPEN” races but MUST compete in all events. No flip flopping. 


A driver may compete in both classes but not in the same car, if promoter scheduling allows. Example: Vintage race, Street Stocks, Open race


“Open Class West Coast Vintage Racers”


  • Down tube, Mid down tube or offsets of 8”+ will be designated as “OPEN”
  • Open Dash (5 cars) Trophy Heat (8+ cars) Open Heat 8+ cars
  • Open Main Event 25-30 laps
  • Starting positions will be determined by qualifying times, field inverted or ½ invert at DOC and drivers agreement.
  • The Vintage main event winner and second place may elect to transfer to the back of the Open main (just like the B Main winner of the past)


Weather or promoter shortened event:


Order of events:

Mains, Heat or Trophy Heat, Trophy Dash

DOC and promoter will work together to get as many races in as possible



  • Any driver may start at the rear of their scheduled races at their request
  • New inexperienced drivers will start at the rear of their scheduled races until they have proven their abilities.
  • The day’s format may be adjusted by weather, promoter, car count, etc. as needed. .







PHOTO UPLOADS:    The process for uploading your pictures to the website is available.  WCVR paid members are allowed to upload photos by simply logging in.  If you have had a login previous, that should still be valid.  If you need a login, or cannot remember your previous login / password, click on the Contact Us Here for assistance.  On the top of the page, see MEMBERSHIP TOOLS.  Uploading is a 2 step process and the instructions are on the right side of the page.

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