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PostHeaderIcon Agassiz Speedway, September 5,6,7 2019, Part Two

Remaining pictures from Agassiz Speedway

PostHeaderIcon Agassiz Speedway, September 5,6,7 2019, Part One

Welcome to Agassiz Speedway for the Third Annual Fred Rannard Sr. Open Wheel Classic. Great crowds and great racing. It was the first time in the 49 year history of the track to have a race for open wheel cars only and it was the first race ever held there on a Friday. Many thanks to all the volunteers who work to provide services to support this local track….great hosts and we look forward to returning next year. 18 beautiful vintage cars made the trip to this beautiful spot in British Columbia. Friday night we had 2 Dashes (#8 Glen Walker and #76 Dixon Helgeson), 3 Heats (#7 Billy Bartley, #82 Ray Jones, #92 Dean Warmerdam), 2 Mains (#82 Ray Jones and #83 Tyson Cross) and due to pending thunderstorms, we were on the hurry schedule Saturday with 1 Main (Winner, Tyson Cross) with the remaining 14 cars…. Hard luck cars included #65 frozen engine, #33 broken rear end, #16 bent front axle and 4j stuck throttle in practice. All drivers OK and cars can be repaired. Other highlights: #76 Dixon Helgeson won the Fan Favorite vote; #88 Ron Brewer set a new track record and won for the highest finishing offset overall for the weekend; #33 Ralph Monhay won for furthest traveled. If there were others, I am not aware of them, so please share.

PostHeaderIcon Thunder Mountain Speedway, Williams Lake, British Columbia August 23, 2019

Third Track on our northern loop: WCVR returned for our second race at Thunder Mountain Speedway and the second running of the Doug Larson Memorial. Many thanks to the all-volunteer staff for their friendly and helpful attitudes. Huge shout out of thanks to Bobby Mears for his excellent flagging. More musical cars, Ron Larson in the 4J; Bill Lawrence in the 1W and Jim White in the 5W. The weather was not cooperative….rain and more rain. Very little time for practice. We did get in our 2 mains and then the sky remained clear so Bill coordinated a few heats and dashes so the fans could enjoy more of our cars. In spite of the weather, great crowd. Operator error resulted in no pictures of the #88 or after the start of the B Main..My apologizes. Stu Howse and Ron Micheaux did a great job getting lots of great shots for all to enjoy you can view these on our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook link on the home page. Many thanks to the sponsors and fans. We all look forward to a return visit next summer.

PostHeaderIcon GoldPan Speedway, Quesnel, British Columbia August 23, 2019, Part Two

The remaining pictures for Goldpan Speedway Race

PostHeaderIcon GoldPan Speedway, Quesnel, British Columbia August 23, 2019, Part One

Second Track on our northern swing: WCVR returned to Quesnel for Friday night racing and the first leg of the Doug Larson Memorial. Huge shout out to the all-volunteer staff. So helpful and friendly. Extra shout out to the two ladies who made the best race track burger ever…I don’t think they had a chance to sit! 3 more cars joined our traveling show bringing the total to 31 that made the trip. Thanks to all. The weather wasn’t nearly as cooperative as in Prince George, but we did run our A and B mains. Great crowd in spite of the rain and cold. With all the rain, the air was much cleaner without all the fire smoke the area endured last year. Great to see Babs and John White with the #14 and Daryle Redlin behind the wheel. Welcome new driver Bruce Bentley – happy to see you have finished the restoration on your beautiful black Hyder, #14b. Many thanks to the sponsors and fans.

PostHeaderIcon PGARA, Prince George British Columia, August 21, 2019 Part Two

The remaining pictures of our trip to Prince George

PostHeaderIcon PGARA, Prince George British Columia, August 21, 2019 Part One

First track on our northern swing: 28 beautiful vintage sprints/super-modifieds came to PGARA for our WCVRs first time visit to Prince George. Lost a couple of engines but no other serious damage to repair. Beautiful county, great fans and the track support was friendly and helpful. Many thanks to Jamie and his all-volunteer staff for their helpful and friendly attitude. The crowd was so great, both snack bars (good burgers and dogs!) ran out of food and closed before intermission! A huge shout out to Bob Williams, 5W for his hard work securing sponsorship for the racers – Mantis Welding, White Spruce Enterprises, Pittman Asphalt, Jim's Engines and Dyno, Twin River Developments Ltd., Williams Petroleum, CC Industries Ltd., Auto Magic Tire, Cobalt Group, Murry Carlson Northland Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Chieftain Auto Parts, Mr Quick Lube, Wajax Equip., Sullivan Motor Products Ltd., Williams Signs, and Advanced Industrial Group Inc. If you are ever in Prince George and need these services, these are the businesses to support. The race was the Kenny Hiebert Memorial Classic. Kenny was a local racer who did a great deal for the local racers and track. PGARA hopes to repeat next year and include the cars of WCVR. We welcomed new drivers Larry James with Martin Holmes’ #29 Hyder. This car once belonged to Cliff Hucul, former CAMRA and Indy driver. Cliff was on hand to watch as well as to throw the green flag in the Main. Also, Karl Seibert joined son Trevor and grandson Ryley in the BWR #27, making it a three generation event. (All 3 tracks). Richie Larson #22 returned to the WCVR event and was able to join the racing to honor his dad, Doug Larson. Wendell Moore in the 44w returned for some racing action. Austin Moore was on hand as and ATV driver/pusher – and he was kept busy - broken leg and all! Kathleen and Don Herbert returned to the races with Mia and Mocha. Good to see all of you.

PostHeaderIcon Montana Raceway Park, Kalispell, Montana August 10, 2019

On Saturday, we traveled north from Polson to Montana Raceway Park, Kalispell. Beautiful, sunny with threats of thunderstorms in the evening. Promotor and staff were friendly and welcoming. Great venue. We got in our Dashes and Heats, but the skies opened before the main…..thunder, lightning and huge raindrops that lasted over an hour. We quickly loaded in the thunderstorm and drove off to the camping area. Bill will be posting the weekend results. If anyone wants a larger file for printing, please get a hold of me and I will be happy to provide. You can send an e-mail to me by using the "Contact Us" link on the home page. Thank you.

PostHeaderIcon Mission Valley Speedway, Polson, Montana, August 9, 2019 Part Two

The remaining photos from Mission Valley Speedway August 9

PostHeaderIcon Mission Valley Speedway, Polson, Montana, August 9, 2019

Awesome day for racing at Mission Valley Speedway, Polson, Montana. Practice on Thursday was a little iffy with the rain, but we got practice in and by race time on Friday, it was a perfect Montana evening. This was only the second visit by WCVR to this track and hopefully, not our last. Great race fans in this town! There must have been over 100 fans in the pits after the races. The promotor, staff and fans alike agreed that we were the show. Big kudos to the safety staff at Mission Valley…hate it when we need them, but so thankful for their presence and knowledge when we do. I am sure most of you have seen the video of the 4c crash. The driver walked away, but I am sure he was sore on Saturday, and the car is repairable. Couple of other events that resulted in repairs, but all the drivers are all OK. Bill will be posting the weekend results. If anyone wants a file for printing, please get a hold of me and I will be happy to provide. Just use the "Contact Us" link on the home page. I will receive the e-mail. Thank you.
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