Hermiston Speedway, Hermiston, Oregon July 6, 2019 Part OneHermiston Speedway, Hermiston, Oregon  July 6, 2019  Part One

17 Beautiful West Coast Vintage Racers sprint cars gathered for our second race of the season at Hermiston Raceway, July 6. Many thanks to Greg and his friendly, welcoming staff at Hermiston. For those of you who have not been to Hermiston Raceway, I would encourage you to attend one of his events. It was hot, dang hot on Friday and windy on Saturday, but there was a great crowd and some great racing. Happy to report, all WCVR went home in one piece. Thanks to Bill Birdsell for the following stats: Prac. 1 Fast Time: 15.989 – Matt Stephenson Prac. 2 Fast Time: 15.494 – Frank Volz Jr. Qual. Fast Time: 15.789 – Frank Volz Jr. Trophy Heat 1: Frank Volz Sr., Ralph Monhay, Dave Duncan, Bob Wills, Dick Nelson, Steve Mayer, Dave Skyberg, DNS - Jeff Cook. Fast lap: 16.208 – Frank Volz Sr. Trophy Heat 2: Chris Schmelzle, Shawn Priest, Dixon Helgeson, Matt Stephenson, Bill Lawrence, John Coogan, John Dahl, John Wills, Frank Volz Jr. Fast lap: 15.598 – Chris Schmelzle B Main: Stephenson, Volz Sr., Bob Wills, Monhay, Nelson, Mayer, Skyberg, Duncan. Fast lap: 16.038 - Stephenson A Main: Schmelzle, Volz Jr., Priest, Stevenson, Lawrence, Coogan, Helgeson, John Wills, Dahl. Fast lap: 15.701 – Volz Jr.



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