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PostHeaderIcon wenatchee, WA 2012

wenatchee midget race 012.JPG
wenatchee midget race 011.JPG
1st race

PostHeaderIcon Wenatchee 2012

PostHeaderIcon 2012 Yakima

PostHeaderIcon Roseburg 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cottage Grove 2012

PostHeaderIcon 2012 Ephrata

PostHeaderIcon 2012 Stateline

PostHeaderIcon Wenatchee - September 2011

The first weekend out with the 'King Crab' car, and the first weekend for me photographing Oval Racing. Jeff Larson (owner of the 'King Crab') and I are long time vintage sports car racers, and I've been shooting racing for the last 7 or 8 years. Got a good start shaking down the car - looking forward to the 2012 season.

PostHeaderIcon Bob Harris-Virgil Shoemaker, #64 "The Jukebox Special" roadster, Grant King-Jack Eckman chassis

current restoration:

PostHeaderIcon 2011 wenatchee

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