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PostHeaderIcon Lake Havasu Speedway 95, Lake Havasu AZ March 22-23, 2019

Many thanks to the Arizona Vintage Racers Association for the invitation to West Coast Vintage Racers to run with their club during our winter months. 14 vintage cars from WCVR joined in the fun at this AVRA sponsored event. We are always treated great at Speedway 95, and this weekend was no exception. Lynn Seritt and Ralph Monhay celebrated birthdays on Friday night with our joint pot luck with the Arizona group. Great comroderie Saturday March 23 Results No Dashes B Heat: #33 Ralph Monhay (Happy Birthday!) A Heat: #22 Chris Schmelzle All Car Main: #5 Jimmy White

PostHeaderIcon Tucson Speedway, Tuscon, AZ

Fast track with high banking. 3 nights of racing with WCVR being well represented with 14 cars to join the 2 AZ Vintage racers. Main Event was a 150 lap NASCAR stock car event. We were a side show, but we gave them a good one! All cars and drivers in one piece. Thursday: Main events Only A Main: #5 Jimmy White B Main: #21 Jeff Cook Friday: Only Dash: #22 Chris Schmeltze B Heat: #4 Bob Gage A Heat: #22 Chris Schmeltze B Main: X Bob Wills A Main: #22 Chris Schmeltze Saturday: One Main: #5 Jim White

PostHeaderIcon Lake Havasu Speedway 95, Lake Havasu AZ

Lake Havasu Speedway 95. January 18 and 19. One night of racing at a great venue. Bill, the promotor loves our old cars and can be hanging around our group after the racing. WCVR was well represented with 14 cars at this Arizona Vintage Racers sponsored event. Bill lets us store (for free) our trailers at the Speedway until we return in March for another race. Marty White celebrated his 70th birthday with a win of the Main and the crowd sang Happy Birthday. No Dashes B Heat: #40 Harry Stone (AVRA) A Heat: #8 Trevor Seibert B Main: #X Bob Wills A Main: #42 Marty White

PostHeaderIcon Agassiz Speedway, September 8, 2018

Photo credits, Bob Hunter

PostHeaderIcon Agassiz Speedway, September 8, 2018

It was a great planned event – the Third Annual Fred Rannard, Sr. Midget Classic at Agassiz Speedway on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Northwest Focus Midget Series, West Coast Vintage Racers, American Canadian Dwarf Series, as well as the local Mini Stocks and Hornets. WCVR donated a couple of t-shirts and hats for the fan appreciation give away. The track presented each car with a special track decal commemorating the event. Friday morning the sun was shining as 21 WCVR cars unloaded. By afternoon, rain, but we did get in a few hours of practice. Saturday morning, brought more rain. By afternoon, the sky had cleared for more practice laps. With rain threatening, the racing was shortened…. No dashes, no fan fest…started with the WCVR B heat, won by #4 Bob Gage, WCVR A heat won by #14 Daryl Redlin. A few more heats by the other classes and the skies opened up. After an hour of trying to dry the track, only to have more rain fall, the evening of racing was cancelled.

PostHeaderIcon Penticton Speedway, Pentiction British Columbia August 24 and 25, 2018

Smokey skies brought cooler weather for the third year of WCVR racing at Penticton Speedway. Friday night was crowd was light and missed some great racing. Saturday brought light rain and the air cleared, bringing out more fans. Congratulations to first time winners/place, 26j John Edwards (Dash winner), #74 John Wills (not one but three wins one night!) and #22 Kennedy Blackwell (third in main). Well done boys! Friday Dashes: E) #33 Ralph Monhay: D) 4j Al Levien: C) 26j John Edwards: B) #2 Jim White: A) #41 Shawn Priest Heats: 1st) #33 Ralph Monhay: 2nd) #21 Jeff Cook: 3rd) 2 laps only, crash took 30 min to clean up the track Main top three in order: B) #33 Ralph Monhay, #26j John Edwards, #21 Jeff Cook: A) #41 Shawn Priest, #9 Trevor Seibert, #2 Jim White Saturday Dashes: D) #74 John Wills: C) #16x Dale Nyeste: B) #42 Marty White: A) #92 Dean Warmerdam Heats: 1st) #74 John Wills: 2nd) #83 Tyson Cross: 3rd) #42 Marty White Main top three in order: B) #74 John Wills, #21 Jeff Cook, #22 Kennedy Blackwell: A) #41 Shawn Priest, #2 Jim White. #11 Bill Lawrence


WOW! What a great weekend of racing fun and probably the best show of the year. Many thanks to Bruce Bentley and Wendell Moore for all the hard work putting together the First Annual (we hope it is annual) Doug Larson Memorial Race at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Williams Lake and Gold Pan Speedway in Quesnell. Short track racing at its finest. The staff and fans at both tracks were outstanding. Louise Larson did a smashing job as Trophy Girl at Williams Lake. Both of Doug and Louise’s sons, Ronnie and Richie drove cars at Quesnel and Richie had restored an offset to honor his father that was on display in the pits. Veteran Bob Mears was flagman for both races and did a great job!! Weather was hot and the air smoky from the area fires, but good enough for racing. After the events we were provided with adult beverages and on Saturday, a beef on a bun with salads and desserts. All the drivers were presented with a gold pan plaque to commemorate the event.

PostHeaderIcon Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, July 12-14, 2018

Another beautiful (but HOT!) weekend at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. Garret Evans and George Wade always treat us right and we thank them for having our group come race for the Wenatchee fans. WCVR shared the show with the Early Late/OTRA, Northwest Focus Midgets, Wilroc Super Lites, and WESCO Winged Sprints. A small but enthusiastic crowd both nights enjoyed the show. FRIDAY NIGHT: No Dashes Heat and Main Results: Heat 1: #4J Al Levien Heat 2: #12 Frank Volz Heat 3: #41 Shawn Priest Main B: #12 Frank Volz Main A: #4 Jim White SATURDAY NIGHT: No Dashes Heat and Main Results: Heat 1: #4J Al Levien Heat 2: #12 Frank Volz Heat 3: #5 Jim White Main B: #Dick Nelson Main A: #Jim White

PostHeaderIcon State Line Speedway, June 23, 2018

Another beautiful northwest evening for the running of the Fourth Annual Ed Sneva Memorial at State Line Speedway with 20 vintage sprint cars. A good crowd was on hand. Blaine and his nephew TJ (son of Jerry) drove the Memorial Lap to honor Ed and Jerry Sneva in an Open Wheel Extravaganza that included Legends, midgets, winged sprints, and West Coast Vintage sprints. Main Event, Victory Lane pictures with many thanks to Bent Wheel Backyard Racing for allowing me to share/post. Dash E: #4J Al Levine Dash D: #33 Ralph Monhay Dash C: #X Bob Wills Dash B: #4 Johnny Coogan Dash A: #92 Dean Warmerdam Heat B: #33 Ralph Monhay Heat A: #92 Dean Warmerdam Main B: #21 Jeff Cook Main A: #92 Dean Warmerdam

PostHeaderIcon Strawberry Cup, June 1 and 2, Victoria BC Part 2

Another wonderful trip to Victoria BC. Western Speedway always treats us fine (Steak dinner with free beer and live music after practice on Thursday and Steak and Eggs on Saturday morning). Can’t forget Susan at the All Fun RV Park. Always makes room for us in this well managed RV Park next to the track. Kudos to Jeff Cook, Mike Hoelzle and Saundra Lyons for all their hard work creating a smooth race. We had a good line up of cars - 2 out with engine issues, 3 out with wall issues, leaving 17 on track. Thanks to the Medic’s at the speedway for their quick action. Friday we got in one and half Dashes before the rains came and ended out evening. Saturday was perfect and the stands were quite full. Friday: D Dash leader was #77, Bob Nyeste with the race was stopped for an accident. C Dash was won by #16, Dale Nyeste. Saturday Winners: D Dash: #33 Ralph Monhayy C Dash: #21 Jeff Cook B Dash: #88 Ron Brewer A Dash: #98 Kirt Rompain B Heat: #77 Bob Nyeste A Heat: #88 Ron Brewer B Main: #77 Bob Nyeste A Main: #88 Ron Brewer
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