Mission Valley Speedway, Pablo, Montana, August 28-29, 2020Mission Valley Speedway, Pablo, Montana, August 28-29, 2020

It was great to be back racing and what a beautiful corner of the world to do it – Mission Valley Speedway, surrounded by the Mission Range of the Rockies.  Cannot say enough kind words for the staff – it was their first race of the season as well.  WCVR was one of 6 classes to show before record crowds both nights.  The track is fast and the staff was helpful and friendly.    Special shout to the safety crew – hate it when we need them, but thankful for their presence and skills when we do.  And a shout out to our pushers as well – Ivin, Frankie, Chuck, Joe, Mel, Dave and anyone else I may have missed.


Welcome new cars and drivers, #35 Cory Hayes and #18 Mark Jones; new crew #2 Jim Foreman, #41 Greg Gorton, #13 Lowell Heesch


A few mechanical issues and one car home in pieces - a close encounter with the guard rail.  The important thing, the drivers are all safe and unharmed.


In case you missed Bill’s posts on Facebook, here are the results.


Results, Night One, 08-28-20

Fast Time - 15.343 John Dahl

B Dash - Dixon Helgeson, Ralph Monhay, Steve Mayer, Dave Skyberg

A Dash - Frank Volz Jr., John Coogan, Shawn Priest, John Dahl

Heat - Frank Volz Jr., Shawn Priest, John Dahl, Dixon Helgeson,
John Coogan, Ralph Monhay, Steve Mayer, Dave Skyberg

Main - Priest, Volz, Dahl, Coogan, Helgeson, Mayer, Monhay, Skyberg
DNS - Frank Volz Sr., Cory Hayes

Results Night Two, 08-29-20

Fast Time - 15.202 Shawn Priest

B Dash - Ralph Monhay, Steve Mayer, Dave Skyberg, Corey Hayes

A Dash - John Dahl, John Coogan, Shawn Priest, Dixon Helgeson

Heat - John Dahl, John Coogan, Dixon Helgeson, Frank Volz Jr.,
Shawn Priest, Steve Mayer, Dave Skyberg, Cory Hayes,
Ralph Monhay

Main - Dahl, Priest, Volz, Monhay, Skyberg, Coogan, Hayes, Mayer,



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