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Another beautiful northwest day for the running of the Third Annual Ed Sneva Memorial at State Line Speedway with 22 vintage sprint cars.  A good crowd was on hand.  Blaine and his nephew drove the Memorial Lap.

Here are the results and pictures to follow:

Dash E: #4d Dean Warmandan

Dash D: #65 Bob Nyeste

Dash C: #12 Frank Volz

Dash B: #11 Bob Wills

Dash A: #64 Blaine Sneva


Heat B: #4d Dean Warmandan

Heat A: #11 Bob Wills


Main B: #4d Dean Warmandan

Main A: #32 John Dahl



From the desk of Marv Price.
To: Bart Smith.
From: Marv Price, President WCVR
On behalf of all the WCVR members, I want to thank you for your generous sponsorship of our event at the Strawberry Cup last weekend.
Marv Price .
President WCVR.


2017 updates to our webpage.  First is that the Membership Link to the membership documents has been moved to the top of the page, now appearing above the Announcement block rather than below.  You can now view and order t-shirts, hats, etc from the website.  As before, no login is necessary unless you want to post picture.  If you had a previous login, it should work.  If you can’t remember it, or your password, let me know and I will make the necessary adjustment.  The 2017 Membership documents are now available.  Dues will remain at $35 for the year and you should get your membership documents in before recing begins.  2017 RULES:  Please note, the tire rule has been modified to be in sync with what we have all agreed to  – Right Rear American Racer M32 14".


PHOTO UPLOADS:    The process for uploading your pictures to the website is available.  WCVR paid members are allowed to upload photos by simply logging in.  If you have had a login previous, that should still be valid.  If you need a login, click on the Contact Us Here like to have one created.  On the top of the page, see MEMBERSHIP TOOLS.  Uploading is a 2 step process and the instructions on the right side of the page.

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