Penticton Speedway, Penticton British Columbia, August 25 and 25, 2017Penticton Speedway, Penticton British Columbia, August 25 and 25, 2017

The Okanogan is a beautiful place for racing, and many thanks to the Penticton Speedway staff for their great help and ARGO Road Maintenance for their sponsorship and the sweeper! A great time was had by all. Results: Friday: Dash 1 #2 Jimmy White Dash 2 #4 Johnny Coogan Dash 3 #21 Jeff Cook Dash 4 #33 Ralph Monhay Heat 1: #4 Johnny Coogan Heat 2: #11 Bob Gage Main A: # 2 Jimmy White Main B: #11 Bob Gage Saturday: Dash 1 #2 Jimmy White Dash 2 #4 Johnny Coogan Dash 3 #11 Bob Gage Dash 4 #22 Bob Nyeste Heat 1: #2 Jimmy White Heat 2: #22 Bob Nyeste Main A: # 2 Jimmy White Main B: #22 Bob Nyeste




Details on Meridian:

Track open Thursday (9/21) for early camping.  Electricity most pits.

Practice Friday (9/22) 4pm until dusk

BBQ available for those who want to use them (#33 or #51 pit area)

Racing Saturday night (9/23)

Travel @ $.25/mile, one way

Will call for car count AFTER Agassiz.




The WCVR general meeting for 2018 will be October 21,2017 in Wenatchee, Wa at the Cedars Inn.
Meeting will start at 1:00pm and end at 4:00 or sooner.  I'll be contacting the Cedars for room rates and will update.  There will be NO ALCOHOL during the meeting.

The Clearwater Saloon and Casino, sponser of our freinds at WVSO is close by so we are checking into an area there we can meet afterwards for a club sponsered "appitizer tray". 

More details as we put them together.

A outline/agenda of the meeting will be handed out at Meridian and for those that are not attending that race, I can email if you contact me.  Thats when we get it put together.

A big Thank You to George Wade for lining up this meeting room for us.

Only PAID WVCR will be allowed to vote.  Non members are welcome to attend the meeting.

2018 memberships, left over club shirts and hats will be available to purchase.

Updates here and on our Facebook page as they are known.



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