Penticton Speedway, Pentiction British Columbia August 24 and 25, 2018Penticton Speedway, Pentiction British Columbia August 24 and 25, 2018

Smokey skies brought cooler weather for the third year of WCVR racing at Penticton Speedway. Friday night was crowd was light and missed some great racing. Saturday brought light rain and the air cleared, bringing out more fans. Congratulations to first time winners/place, 26j John Edwards (Dash winner), #74 John Wills (not one but three wins one night!) and #22 Kennedy Blackwell (third in main). Well done boys! Friday Dashes: E) #33 Ralph Monhay: D) 4j Al Levien: C) 26j John Edwards: B) #2 Jim White: A) #41 Shawn Priest Heats: 1st) #33 Ralph Monhay: 2nd) #21 Jeff Cook: 3rd) 2 laps only, crash took 30 min to clean up the track Main top three in order: B) #33 Ralph Monhay, #26j John Edwards, #21 Jeff Cook: A) #41 Shawn Priest, #9 Trevor Seibert, #2 Jim White Saturday Dashes: D) #74 John Wills: C) #16x Dale Nyeste: B) #42 Marty White: A) #92 Dean Warmerdam Heats: 1st) #74 John Wills: 2nd) #83 Tyson Cross: 3rd) #42 Marty White Main top three in order: B) #74 John Wills, #21 Jeff Cook, #22 Kennedy Blackwell: A) #41 Shawn Priest, #2 Jim White. #11 Bill Lawrence



The 2018 race season has come to an end.  We want to thank all our sponsors, promoters, drivers, crew and fans for another successful season.


"Winter" 2018/2019 Schedule combined with Arizona Vintage Sprint Car Association:

November 9 and 10, Lake Havasu AZ

November 23 and 24 Tuscon AZ

January 18 and 19 Lake Havasu

January 24 and 25 Tuscon AZ

March 15 and 16 Car Show only, no racing, Lake Havasu AZ

March 22 and 23 Lake Havasu AZ

March 29 and 30 Tuscon AZ


Watch this spot and our Facebook page for announcements as well as the 2019 Membership Documents and Schedule (usually around the first of the year).


Thank you.

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